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Geo Elements, LLC is a wildland fire and fuels consulting business.  Our team is comprised of wildland fire and fuels professionals who have extensive on-the-ground experience in all aspects of wildland fire and fuels management throughout the western United States.  

Our goal is to develop practical solutions for complex issues involving the wildfire environment.  These solutions are based on science and the best available technology to assess each situation and address the specific needs of our clients. 

We specialize in

¨ Community Wildfire Protection Planning

¨ Wildland Fire Behavior Analysis

¨ Wildland Fire Hazard & Risk Assessments

¨ Wildland Fire & Fuels Mitigation Strategy Development

¨ Development of Cooperative Fire Protection Agreements at the state & local levels

¨ Fire Management Planning

¨ Fire Behavior Modeling

¨ GIS—Geospatial Analysis & Cartography

¨ Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) Support


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Updated  111NOV2018